McComb Teeth Whitening

woman smiling at cameraWould you like to look years younger? Professional teeth whitening can safely and effectively remove discolorations, making you appear years younger. Certain stains, like those caused by food, tobacco, or dark beverages, respond well to teeth whitening, and most people’s teeth lighten 8 to 10 shades.

Our practice has Professional Whitening as our in-office teeth whitening method. We can brighten your teeth several shades and penetrate stains with the safe, effective, and popular Professional Whitening system. This process takes about an hour, so you can visit us on your lunch break and leave with a brilliant smile!

For patients who prefer to whiten on their own schedules or for those who want to maintain the results achieved with Professional Whitening indefinitely, we offer at-home teeth whitening. We will take impressions for your custom trays, and then you simply wear them for a set time period daily over a one to two week period. Many people notice a difference immediately, but the full impact of teeth whitening usually appears after treatment ends.

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