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Teeth Grinding: Can It Make You Look Older?

October 12, 2022

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Have wrinkles? You may think you’ve developed them because of smoking, sun damage, or mere aging. However, there’s another reason you may be surprised to learn about – teeth grinding. Believe it or not, it’s one of the main causes of premature wrinkles around the mouth. Not only can bruxism wear down your teeth, but it can make you appear older than you are. Continue reading to find out why that is and what you can do to stop this habit from aging you!

Can Teeth Grinding Make You Look Older?

You may be surprised to learn that shorter, flat teeth are one of the most tell-tale signs of aging. Teeth grinding can wear down your enamel, making your pearly whites appear flatter over time. If you frequently clench or scrape your teeth, there’s a higher likelihood that your bite will collapse, resulting in premature wrinkles around your mouth.

While your facial muscle tone naturally lessens as you get older, this process happens much quicker in those suffering from bone or tooth loss. This loss of tonicity causes lengthening of the lips and facial sagging – both of which can make you appear far beyond your years.

How to Prevent Teeth Grinding

Don’t worry – there are many steps you can take in your everyday life to prevent and slow down the aging process of your face. Here are some ways you can reduce the negative impact of teeth grinding:

  • Wear a nightguard. Grinding your teeth at night is a condition known as bruxism. If you suffer from this, you can prevent any issues by wearing a custom-made nightguard. The oral device is meant to control the movement of your mouth, preventing damage to your enamel, and reducing the impact on your bite and facial appearance.
  • Refrain from nail biting. Just like teeth grinding, biting your fingernails can cause minor damage to your pearly whites. The habit can gradually wear your teeth down, leading to poor bite alignment and a more aged look.
  • Eat smile-friendly foods. Make sure you stick to a diet of foods that are vitamin-rich, nutrient-dense, and won’t cause further damage to your teeth. It’s a good idea to limit hard and crunchy snacks like nuts, citrus fruits, and dried fruits.
  • Visit your dentist regularly. Everyone should visit their dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. At these routine appointments, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, and you can explore treatment options for your teeth grinding.

Do you think you suffer from teeth grinding? Ask your dentist what you can do to address your situation. With their help, you preserve your oral health and maintain a youthful appearance!

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